Sandplay Therapy

IMG_0420 - Version 2Sandplay therapy is a specialized form of therapy based on Carl Jung’s theory and developed by Dora Kalff in Switzerland. Mrs. Kalff studied with and was influenced by Margaret Lowenfeld, a pediatrician, who worked with children in London. These children were separated from their parents during WWII and their home country and did not have language to express themselves; she found the sand to be a perfect medium.  Mrs. Kalff also was influenced by Eastern traditions and formed a bridge between East and West incorporating a non-judgmental and person-centered approach to understanding the meaning of the tray.

IMG_0430Sandplay therapy is not just a technique for children it is also for with adults who want to explore the deeper reaches within themselves.  This approach embraces the non-verbal and irrational elements that are missing from our currently one-sided technological society.  When these repressed elements are available then it is possible for creative and healing energies to be released making life experience richer and more satisfying.



IMG_0431As a certified Sandplay therapist-teacher (CST-T), I am available for process and consultation in gaining hours needed to become a certified sandplay therapist through Sandplay Therapists of America an affiliate of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST).





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