For Parents: How to stop the process of bullying

Many children who have been bullied will hurt or threaten others in some way using their size, strength or popularity to do it. In fact, children often bully because they see others doing it, they want to hang out with the right crowd, it makes them feel stronger, smarter or better than the person they are bullying, and/or it may be one way to keep others from bullying them. In order to help a child stop bullying, help them to think about how it feels to be bullied. Teasing, hitting, keeping others out of a group are all things that harm someone. So the next time your child is about to bully someone have them put themselves in their shoes, think about how it will make them feel and then walk away and do not do it. When your child has these feelings encourage them to talk to an adult (parent, teacher, school counselor) who can help them problem solve situations that might arise so he/she will be prepared to act in a way that does not harm others. And feel free to bring this up with them as you anticipate their challenges. The best thing parents can do is to help their child understand how this will make the other feel and problem solve ways of handling potential situations. On a larger scale you might work with your school on Stop Bullying programs.